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Summary and Overview of our T13 Journey

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We learned prenatally that Anthony had T13, and our journey of emotions, pushback and acomplishments is noted on the following pages in relation to what I can only explain as human thoughts, feelings and experiences.  All the way through, Gods grace surrounded us in extraordinary ways.  These pages only tell of what most perceive from the outside looking in.  But we know that Anthony had a higher calling to holiness and for a brief look at his life, feel free to skip to his eulogy on his memorial page.

15 - 20 weeks
Learning about the diagnosis from our doctors
16 - 36 weeks
Seeking out more information on our own about this diagnosis
19 - 26 weeks
Planning for the Birth:
- answering our own questions with research
- sharing the news with our kids
26 weeks to Day 1
Prepared as best as possible for anything to happen - we await the moment as time ticks closer towards our due date and Anthonys Birth Day. 
Post Pardum
Day 1 to Discharge
We made a plan of care ... now its time to see how our little man settles into his new life. 
Making it home from the hospital
Making it beyond the statistics and the first week. 
Moving on to live a life of love
Join us as we share what daily life is like for a Trisomy 13 survivor and our family.


A Plan of Care is a snapshot of decisions parents have made for the care of their child given a particualr set of circumstances.  Physicians are required to fulfill the parents desires for the care of the patient provided it is reasonalble given the medical diagnosis.  This section discusses what and how parents need to communicate to their childs physicians in order to improve communication and ensure each party receives the necessary information to move forward in a productive manner.   



Specific details regarding Anthonys Trisomy 13 medical condition with links to sites that explain these medical terminologies. 



A living tribute to a boy who lived a life of heroic virtue in fidelity to God's Love 

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