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We are Rick and Janina Arritola
We are parents of a special child that received support from our community to move forward in a difficult time when medical doctors were encouraging termination of our pregnancy.  Courage from our faith led us to take a path less traveled and to experience the beauty of saying “yes” to God.  We have witnesses the mark of God throughout our journey and while it was difficult at times, the burden was shared by our faith filled community who prayerfully carried our family through the difficult decisions no parent should ever be faced to make for their child– life versus death.
We were able to give our littlest Anthony the gift of life and a home of love.  He lived his full natural life as God had planned for him.  He was a joy and although many do not understand the decisions we made for our child, we understand that there are many others who face this emotionally challenging path of loving beyond the lost hopes, dreams and expectations of a "normal" life that this diagnosis steals from us.
There is a way to survive this.
There is a way to stay close to what is right
and there is a way to rebuild
all that appears to be broken.   

 If you are in labor or in the hospital
be sure to mention that when you call
We are available 24/7 for ANYONE
We offer support NATIONWIDE
and reside in northern Atlanta, Georgia.

We have free long distance in the continental US and we can
call you back to avoid you paying a long distance toll if you live in the US
or email us anytime
Rick speaks both Spanish & English
Call us if you want to talk.
You are not alone. 

Janina and Rick also offer extended services to families who are coping with an adverse diagnosis of their unborn or infant child.  Emmanuel's Foundation was organized as we walked through our journey of difficulties and realized the array of resources available.  Emmanuels Foundation helps families identify areas that are impacted in a family and strives to help families find resources in a timely manner. 


Emmanuels Foundation is available 24/7

Offering NATIONWIDE support

Call or visit us online



About the Mother &

CC of EF Co-Founder


Janina Arritola’s educational background comes with a BA in Psychology and a professional background based in Research Analysis and in Organizational & Strategic Development.  Her Masters is in Information Technology. 


Since the Trisomy 13 diagnosis of her unborn son in February 2005, she has devoted her knowledge, business accumen and experience as well as compassion and passion towards helping other families through similar struggles.  Her research background is used unceasingly to find ways to help our littlest of citizens and her corporate experience has helped her to aid many others to put into professional language the emotional issues that require documentation for clarity in advocacy and goal setting for 'patients plan of care' or educational requirements.


She offers enthusiasm and compassion to help children, as well as a higher calling to support families undergoing stressors regarding their child in a special situation.  


I am Janina Arritola and my heart races out to all families.  If I can be a part of the support system for you or someone you care about, I am giving back for the many that have devoted their time and energy to my sons’ and family's special needs when I felt we needed support.  I am here to remind you, YOU ARE NOT ALONE!  We are here to help. 

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