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The Gregory-Arritola Family

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Before our son, Anthony Emmanuel Arritola was born, we were notified he had a rare syndrome that is considered incompatible with life, meaning that he would not be able to sustain his life outside the womb.  Despite the odds against him, his diagnosed syndrome and being born with a defective heart, he was delivered into this world with a gentle smile.  As a mother who has birthed flesh of my flesh and heart of my heart, my soul has suffered with Anthony as he faced challenges to his life.  I don’t know how you came to this website, but now that you are here, We're glad you are. 


Within this site you can find:


   >  Journal of Highlights and Overview of our Journey beyond the negative prenatal diagnosis

   > Parental Support for families

   > Emmanuel's Foundation - helping families undergoing a difficult pre/post natal diagnosis

   >  Resourceful Links for those facing a similar walk of life

   >  Memorial to the life of Anthony Emmanuel - co-founder of Emmanuels Foundation

   >  Our Family & Kids Page - because our kids ARE our life! and

   >  Photo Albums - Pictures - because they say so much

   >  Video Montage: Lessons Learned, by James Gregory - a 9 year old brother describes challenges to his little brothers life that taught him many lessons. 



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Be sure to visit our other site at Emmanuel's Foundation


  9/30/05 - Site Creation
10/13/05 - Updated condition
10/28/05 - New Links
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12/30/05 - Updated Condition
  1/06/06 - New Photos
  3/23/06 - Updated Condition
  5/08/06 - Revised site configuration
  5/xx/06 - May 2006 Hospitilization Updates
  5/29/06 - Updated Photo Album
  6/05/06 - Updated Links and Medical History
  6/28/06 - 11/15/06 - Site Under Re-Construction 
  8/xx/06 - Added First Draft Birth Planning and Plan of Care
  8/09/06 - Updated Resourceful Links
  9/09/06 - MSN Trisomy 13 Photo Album Link Added to
                 the Photo Album Page (58 Photos on 5 pages)
 11/02/06 - Added Letters to Physicians and Community Page
 12/14/06 - Added Links for Emmanuel's Support
                                      - a Cornerstone Community
 03/20/07 - Removed Holiday Fun Page
                 & updated e-mail domain name
 04/09/07 - Kicked off Inaugural Year 
               - formally recognized by State of GA as Emmanuel's
                 Foundation and Cornerstone Communities
               - Added Links to Two Forums for CC of EF

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This site is also linked from a few other sites that do not not share our story but do offer our link along with additional resources (I.e. Georgia Right to Life).  If you have linked to our site, let us know so we can advertise your page.

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